Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas!

We would like to wish you all 
a very Merry Christmas! 

We're off to have breakfast in a little while - a Christmas tradition in the Edwards house. Colt mans the kitchen and prepares an amazing feast for our family and friends each year (trust me, you don't want me in the kitchen). I think I hear him in there now, which means I'm gonna have to run, but...

I wanted to share: Gracie, Lane and Grant from Dead Heat Ranch allowed me a little glimpse into their day. Hope you enjoy!

Friday, December 19, 2014

Announcing . . . A Million Tiny Pieces

Some of you may have seen that yesterday we rolled out the cover for my upcoming, independent STAND-ALONE novel: 

A Million Tiny Pieces
Coming January 20, 2015

Preorder links to come soon!

Book Description:

Mia Cantrell is happy to be rid of her lying, cheating, ex-husband. With her divorce final, Mia is moving on, grasping the reins of life once more. She’s learning to deal with the shattered remains while putting one foot in front of the other, taking control of her own decisions, and ultimately living one day at a time. Too bad the universe has put a hiccup (or two) in her well thought out plan.

Phoenix Pierce is putting the pieces back together after the death of his father. Between his multi-million dollar company, the NHL team he now owns, and the endless supply of women willing to share a bed for one night of uninhibited sex, he finds himself going through the motions. Until he meets Mia. Although he’s on a mission to win her, that doesn’t solve his problem of the other person he wants… the man he has denied himself for years.

Tarik Marx doesn’t think anyone could ever fill the void in his life the way Phoenix unknowingly has. That is until he meets Mia. Thanks to a fractured childhood, Tarik has to face a bigger problem: he doesn’t know how it feels to be loved. His past adds additional complexity when Tarik finds himself trying to figure out how he can have them both.

Is it possible for a million tiny pieces to come together again? And if they do, will that make the bond even stronger than before?

Erotic Ménage Romance
Mature Audiences

Monday, November 24, 2014

Braydon (Alluring Indulgence #6) is AVAILABLE NOW!!!!

Publication Date: November 24, 2014

From New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author Nicole Edwards comes the sixth searing adventure in her Alluring Indulgence erotic romance series, which follows the seven Walker brothers and their sizzling-hot love interests!

Braydon Walker has always shared everything with his identical twin brother Brendon—hopes, dreams, career choices, and yes, even women. Known for tag-teaming their love interests in every way imaginable, Braydon is surprised and unnerved when he finds himself wanting to keep their newest lover all to himself. Will the twins’ relationship evolve to fit this new mold, or will Braydon’s desire for independence tear them apart?

Haven't started the series yet? Get started now: Alluring Indulgence
Join us TODAY on Facebook for the Braydon release day event here: Release Day Party! 

Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Walker Brothers' 5,000 Facebook Likes Giveaway

I just want to congratulate the Walkers on 5,000 FB likes! Also, to give back to their fans, here is a little contest to win a signed galley of Braydon (AI #6) once it is released on November 24th!
Thank you all who helped get them to 5,000 and good luck!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Nicole Edwards' Halloween Giveaway!

Happy Tuesday! From now until midnight (CST) on Halloween you can enter to win this awesome prize from Nicole!

Vanishing Dreams is LIVE!!!

It's here! Book 2 in the Devil's Bend series is available now!

Book Description:
Dalton Calhoun hadn’t always planned on a life up on the big stage, beneath the bright lights, but that was where he found himself. A second chance of sorts. An opportunity that had come along after his real dreams vanished when he was eighteen years old. Although country music was more than he could’ve expected, he’d never dismissed the notion that there was still something missing.
When Dalton followed his buddy Cooper Krenshaw to Devil’s Bend, Texas, it didn’t take long before Dalton realized just what that was. But just because he has topped the country music charts, and made his fair share of women swoon, doesn’t mean that everything comes easy to him. And when he sets his sights on the black haired, gray eyed waitress at The Rusty Nail, Dalton realizes he might just have to work for what he wants.

Katie Clarren’s life has been a series of unfortunate events, starting from the time her mother left on her eighteenth birthday. Not exactly how she had planned to spend one of the major turning points in her young life. Nor had she planned to spend the next five years dealing with the fallout. Somewhere along the way, Katie adapted, doing exactly what she needed to do in order to survive. But Katie has secrets that even her closest friends don’t know. Secrets she has worked hard to protect.
Although she longs for handsome, charming, country music sensation, Dalton Calhoun, she knows that anything that starts between them can’t last. Too bad her heart doesn’t seem to be on the same page. Katie gives in to her love for Dalton, needing that human connection that has been missing for so long. But when it comes time to make the hard decisions, Katie forces herself to walk away from him. To protect her secrets, and him. The last thing she wants to do is hurt Dalton, no matter how much pain she has to endure in the process. She loves him.

Can the two of them overcome the secrets and lies? Can they look to the future and stop living in the past? Or will they keep dwelling on the dreams that vanished, not seeing what is right in front of them? Each other. 

And if you haven't read Chasing Dreams (DB #1) it is currently on sale for $1.99 
with a portion of the proceeds going to the 
Keith Milano Memorial Fund, 
benefiting the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

Book Description:
Cooper Krenshaw knows what it’s like to feel the bright lights upon him, the sound of the crowd roaring when he walks on stage; after all, he happens to be one of the biggest names in country music at the moment. And he has knowingly just dropped off the grid. The first decision he has made on his own in quite some time. Cooper only thought he was looking for a challenge when he walked off of that concert stage in Chicago. After finding himself in Devil’s Bend, Texas, he soon realizes that the dream he’s been chasing might not be the one he was after all along.

Now he’s found himself not only starting over in a new town, but he’s pretty sure he’s met the toughest challenge of his life... she just happens to be an angel in blue jeans.

Tessa Donovan hasn’t been the best of friends with Fate for quite some time now. Owning and operating The Rusty Nail, a small bar in her hometown of Devil’s Bend, has been enough to keep her going through the motions of her life. But it’s the only thing she’s got. After losing her husband fifteen short months after they were married, Tessa has spent the last four years chasing dreams in order to maintain her sanity. Only those dreams are soon ripped right out of her grasp by a sexy country music star who claims he descended on her small town by accident.

Coincidence? Or has Fate stepped in once again? Whatever the case, Tessa knows the handsome cowboy might get to overtake her dreams, but she’s bound and determined that he won’t take her heart.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Walker Brothers 4,000 Facebook Likes Giveaway!!

Celebrate the Walker brothers' 4,000 Facebook likes with us by entering to win in their Rafflecopter giveaway!

Friday, October 3, 2014

Vanishing Dreams... Cover Reveal

Have you read Chasing Dreams (Devil's Bend #1)? Well, if so, then you might want to know that Vanishing Dreams (Devil's Bend #2) is coming very, very soon! Like October 21st!

And look here... The cover reveal!

Thanks to my beautiful, amazing daughter for creating this fantastic cover reveal! 


Don't forget to check out the giveaway below via the Rafflecopter!

And if you haven't yet read Chasing Dreams, then get it now 
for only $1.99!

A portion of the proceeds from all October sales of 
Chasing Dreams will go to 
the Keith Milano Memorial Fund,
benefiting the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. 

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Unraveling (Unhinged #2) is available now!

The second book in the Unhinged series is now available! 

By Timberlyn Scott
(my sweet alter-ego)

Secrets and lies… No good ever comes of them. My life is proof.

For eleven years, I’ve suffered from a suspicion that has waged a war inside my head, filled me with rage. Left me feeling helpless.

But then she came along.
The darkness continues to consume me, but when I’m with her, I can ignore it, push it away. Even if only for a little while.

Payton calms me. She manages to quiet the noise in my head. But the secret is still there, still continuing to plague me day after day. Yet I still can’t bring myself to tell her even though she deserves to know. She needs to know.

I love her. And I’ll do anything to protect her.

Although I’ve found some peace, my life continues to unravel, no matter how hard I try to stop it.

My name is Sebastian Trovato and this is the continuation of my story.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Nicole Edwards 25k Facebook Likes Giveaway!

Hey y'all!!! I'm so excited to announce that we are just about to hit 25,000 LIKES on Facebook! And because of that, I'm doing a HUGE giveaway to celebrate. We've got a few more likes to go, but I wanted to kick this off early. The giveaway will run for the entire month of September!

First and foremost, I want to say THANK YOU for your support for the last couple of years! From the day I hit publish on Conviction, this has been a whirlwind ride and I couldn't imagine being anywhere else. I am only here, doing what I love, because of YOU! So I want to give back! To show you how much I love you all. Keep reading for more information on how to enter the giveaway!

Also! While you're here... 
Make sure you check out the following if you haven't already:

ALLURING INDULGENCE: The next installment in the Alluring Indulgence series is coming November 24, 2014! Get the buy links here: Pre-order Braydon (AI #6)

Nicole Edwards writing as TIMBERLYN SCOTT: Check out Timberlyn Scott's debut novel - UNHINGED Book 1 in the Unhinged series. Available now! This is Nicole Edwards's sweet alter-ego. You don't want to miss it! The second book in this hot new series is coming out at the end of this month.

DEAD HEAT RANCH: Looking for a sexy menage? Then you're gonna want to read Nicole's latest release in the Dead Heat Ranch series - BETTING ON GRACE (DHR #2) 

DEVIL'S BEND: Nicole is currently in the process of finishing up the second book in the Devil's Bend series. Look for more information to come later this month. In the meantime, make sure you've checked out Chasing Dreams (DB #1) 

CLUB DESTINY: Nicole is going to be jumping into the next installment of the Club Destiny series in the coming months. Have you checked out the series yet? If not, this is the perfect time to start. CLUB DESTINY

Nicole's 25k Facebook Likes Giveaway!

How you can enter:

1. Like me on Facebook... and by "me", you can enter to win by liking any or all of my Facebook pages - Nicole Edwards AuthorWalker BrothersLambert SistersClub Destiny and Timberlyn Scott

2. Follow me on Twitter... and by "me", you can enter to win by following any or all of my Twitter handles - @NicoleEAuthor, @WalkerBrothersAI, @LamberSisDHR, @TimberlynScott

3. Sign up for the Nicole Edwards monthly newsletter

4. Sign up for the Timberlyn Scott monthly newsletter

5. Sign up for text alerts from Nicole Edwards (you will not be spammed, only alerted when a book release or event occurs)

6. Visit Nicole Edwards Facebook page and Like, Comment or Share the pinned post about the contest (you can get points for EACH that you do)

7. Tweet about the giveaway - (you can do this daily - again, make sure you enter each day via the Rafflecopter) Tweet: I entered to win $200 Amzn GC from @nicoleEAuthor #NE25kFBLikes via @TimberlynScott @LambertSisDHR @WalkerBrosAI

What you can win:
There will be a total of 15 winners!

One (1) winner will receive a $200 Amazon Gift Card
Two (2) winners will receive a $50 Amazon Gift Card
Two (2) winners will receive a Nicole Edwards swag pack
Two (2) winners will receive a signed copy of Conviction (CD#1)
Two (2) winners will receive a signed copy of Boots Optional (DHR #1)
Two (2) winners will receive a signed copy of Chasing Dreams (DB #1)
Two (2) winners will receive a signed copy of Zane (AI #2)
Two (2) winners will receive a signed copy of Unhinged (Unhinged #1) by Timberlyn Scott

Check out the swag pack!

How to enter:
Sign up via the Rafflecopter link below! Remember, you can tweet daily, so be sure to enter each day for more chances to win!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Nicole Edwards writing as...

Some of you may have heard already, but I recently wrote a book... 

Okay, so that's nothing new. But the fact that I wrote this book under an alternate pen name IS new. Let me preface this by stating that I am being very transparent with who I am - under both names. I actually gave this a lot of thought and came to the conclusion that this was something I needed to do.

You're probably asking why I went with another pen name. The main reason is because of the differences in writing style. In the event that you do read a book by my alternate persona, I do NOT want anyone expecting to get a Nicole Edwards book.

Okay, so as for the book... 

The book idea was something that I'd been tossing around in my head for a while, and one day, when Colt and I were driving home from the gym, I told him about my idea. Colt, being the incredible, wonderful man he is, told me to go for it. So... I did. In a matter of days, I wrote the first book in what will be a three or four part series. I asked my daughter to read it (keep in mind, she has not read any Nicole Edwards books), and when she came back to me, begging for more, I decided I would move forward. 

BUT, it is very important to note that this is NOT a Nicole Edwards book. I mean, seriously, this is at the far opposite end of the spectrum from anything I've written as Nicole Edwards. First, it is in 1st person POV (Nicole only writes in 3rd person). Second, this is a contemporary romance (think new adult). Third, some of the erotic elements that you've come to expect from Nicole are NOT part of who my alternate persona is. 

With that said, I am also writing under the name Timberlyn Scott and the first book in the Unhinged series is AVAILABLE NOW

If you're interested, I've included the link to the book trailer as well as Timberlyn's Facebook, website and Twitter page. (Oh, and there is currently a Rafflecopter giveaway you can sign up for associated with the book release)

Buy Links:

Unhinged Book 1 Trailer:

Timberlyn's website:

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Have you met the Lambert sisters yet?

If you enjoyed the Walker brothers, you're gonna love these sassy, sweet cowgirls and the men who love them!

A portion of the August proceeds from Betting on Grace will go to the Keith Milano Memorial Fund, benefitting the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Learn more.

Boots Optional

Betting on Grace

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Betting on Grace available NOW!

Betting on Grace
Dead Heat Ranch #1
Available NOW!

If you've read Boots Optional, then you were introduced to Grant, Gracie and Lane! Well, I'm excited to announce Betting on Grace - a full length novel dedicated to this feisty threesome!
Available TODAY!

Second half of our Boots Optional/Betting on Grace Blog Tour!

I hope everyone enjoyed Boots Optional! If you did, I hope you'll check out Betting on Grace! This is a full-length novel that looks at the lives of Grace, Grant and Lane. This has been a thrilling journey for me and I've fallen in love with the characters at Dead Heat Ranch. I hope you have, too!

Let's kick off the second half of our blog tour!

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Elaine's Love of Books
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Monday, July 28, 2014

Show the Lambert Sisters some love!

The Lambert sisters are giving stuff away!

With the upcoming release of Betting on Grace (tomorrow!), the Lambert sisters have decided to do a giveaway! It's easy. 

You just have to Like them on Facebook, or Follow them on Twitter. For extra points, you can also tweet a message! Simple, right?

Oh, and make sure you enter using the Rafflecopter link below! 

What can you win?
Five (5) winners will receive a signed copy of Boots Optional, a signed copy of Betting on Grace AND a Nicole Edwards swag pack.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Today kicks off our Boots Optional/Betting on Grace Blog Tour!

First, let me say that I'm very excited about the Lambert sisters. They are sassy and fun! If you liked the Walker brothers, I think it's safe to say that you'll love these ladies and the men who love them!

Today kicks off the blog tour - this is a double release with Boots Optional releasing yesterday, July 22nd and Betting on Grace coming out next Tuesday, July 29th! We've got a solid 12 days of fun stuff going on!

Let's kick off the first leg of this tour! 

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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Nicole's July giveaway!

Have you checked out my monthly giveaway on my website? Well, you've still got a few days left in July to enter to win!

What am I giving away?

How do you enter?

Boots Optional (DHR #0.5) Preorder NOW!

Have you read Boots Optional yet? 

It was originally available in the Some Like It Hot anthology (which you can still get until Sept. 15th)

On Tuesday, July 22nd
Boots Optional it will be available as a standalone novella! 

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Celebrate Colt's Birthday with a HUGE giveaway!

It's time to celebrate Colt's birthday! 
And to do so, I'm giving away prizes!!!

41 to be exact 
Can you guess why I chose that number!

So, join me in wishing Colt a very happy birthday by signing up on the Rafflecopter below! 

Monday, July 7, 2014

Want to win a signed copy of Betting on Grace (DHR #1)?

Enter on Goodreads for your chance! From now until August 05, 2014 enter to win one of twenty copies!

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Betting on Grace by Nicole Edwards

Betting on Grace

by Nicole Edwards

Giveaway ends August 05, 2014.
See the giveaway details at Goodreads.
Enter to win

Monday, June 23, 2014

Double Cover Reveal WITH pre-order links!

If you've signed up for my text messaging alerts, then you probably already know about the NEW RELEASES coming soon!

I am excited to announce the upcoming release for the first novel in my new series,

Dead Heat Ranch Novella, #0.5
Release Date: July 22, 2014

Note: This novella was previously published in the Some Like It Hot Anthology. Although the story has not changed, this version - only $0.99 - contains a short bonus scene.

New York Times bestselling author Nicole Edwards is heating things up with Boots Optional, a sexy new ménage novella which is the first book in a hot new series called Dead Heat Ranch.

Grace Lambert is familiar with hard work, long days, and handsome cowboys. She’s been working for her family’s dude ranch since she was old enough to ride a horse and she’s not afraid to get her hands dirty. What she is afraid of is the heat that’s been generating between her and not one, but two sexy cowboys who’ve set their sights on her. And each other.

Grant Kingsley and Lane Miller have both had their eyes on Gracie for years, but the feisty cowgirl has managed to keep them at bay. As far as they are concerned, cowboys don’t give up, and neither of them is ready to give up just yet. Not on her and not on the heat that transpires between the two of them.

Find out what happens when the sultry Texas nights get as hot as the fierce Texas days.

Dead Heat Ranch, #1
Release Date: July 29, 2014
Don't forget to read Boots Optional, the prequel to Betting on Grace, before you dive in!
New York Times bestselling author Nicole Edwards is continuing to heat things up with Betting on Grace, a sexy new ménage novel which is the first book in a hot new series called Dead Heat Ranch.

The tables have turned on Grace Lambert. For a woman familiar with long days and hard work, she just recently discovered just how hot the sultry Texas nights can get. Finding time to spend with her two smoking hot cowboys, Grant and Lane, isn’t exactly easy, but she’s forging ahead with what has turned out to be the hottest relationship she has ever been in. The true test comes in standing up for what she wants.

Grant Kingsley has landed his feisty cowgirl, Gracie, and an equally sexy cowboy, Lane Miller, but everything outside of his romantic life has gone from routine to chaos in a matter of days. Unfortunately, he’s become rather acquainted with Murphy’s Law as he is inundated with a string of bad luck. His mother is missing, his father, a gambling addict, is worried about only one thing these days, and when Grant refuses to give in, all hell breaks loose on the ranch.

Lane Miller will be the first to admit that he falls in love easily. And he’s done so again, with both Gracie and Grant. Only this time around, he’s not giving up or giving in. Cowboys don’t know what it means to back down and Lane will ensure that the two most important people in his life get all of him, no matter what it takes.

Preorder Links for Betting on Grace