Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Ever have...

One of those days, er... I mean weeks? No, maybe it's months. Yeah, well. That's how it's been going for me lately.

So much going on, not nearly enough time to do... well, anything it seems. So, if I'm MIA, it's because I'm staring at my computer, trying to force the words out of my brain and onto the screen. What I should really do is take a nap. It seems that when I'm in bed, late at night (reading instead of sleeping, of course) the inspiration hits. And then BAM! I go to sleep. LOL

But right now, I'm sitting at my computer, staring intently at the screen, trying to...

Wait for it...

Nope, sorry, false alarm.

I give up photo I_give_zps9d5b0921.gif

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